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CHE 550 – Chemical Reaction Engineering

Course objectives: Understand the several aspects of chemical reactions in ideal and nonideal reactors; learn to design chemical reactors; learn to design experiments and interpret data to find reaction kinetics; and understand catalysis and reaction modeling.


CHE 416 – Computational Techniques in Chemical Engineering

Course objectives: Learn structured programming in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA); learn to write codes in VBA and Python for solving engineering problems; learn to use graphical, statistical, and numerical techniques for solving chemical engineering problems; and gain exposure to a chemical engineering process simulator (ASPEN).


CHE 802/CHE 580 – Nanotechnology

Course objectives: Understand fundamental properties of nanomaterials; learn methods for synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials; and evaluate behavior of nanomaterials and applications.


CHE 822 – Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering

Course objective and description: Learn advanced topics in kinetics and reactor design. Detailed design of chemical reactors requires the engineer to account for reaction kinetics, mass transport, heat transfer, flow pattern, and (often) surface chemistry. This can be a very challenging, but also an exciting exercise. A single course cannot hope to cover all of these subjects in detail, but this course will attempt to develop many of the most important tools necessary for detailed design of chemical reactors.

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